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Blackhawks And Red Wings To Sport Retro Jersey Outdoors


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Another money grab by the NHL
of course it is... but I think new jerseys, in particular retro jerseys for the Original Six teams is something the fans actually don't mind spending money on...

of the four North American pro team sports, football jerseys aren't very boring, i.e. no big logos, just stripes and shoulder patches, basketball singlets look like undershirts unless worn on the court, and baseball jerseys are just dull, I think most teams have at least one uniform which has the city or team name as the logo...

hockey jerseys are COOL! :D even if they aren't always attractive (see the other thread) and are sometimes a blatant cash grab -- but the league is in business to make money and jerseys are a legitimate secondary revenue stream...

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Yup, I can speak from experience :D



yes, that's my fav Habs jersey, like it even more than the traditional red...

I don't own one for two reasons -- 1) I'm a messy eater sometimes :P and 2) I don't want to jinx the team or player... I have an autographed white jersey from the Pick 'n Win contest back in early 2006 signed by... Michael Ryder :unsure:

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Interesting idea. I like retro jerseys in general but I'm not sure if the Detroit Cougars jersey is the best idea. The 'Winged Wheel' is such a slick logo. If I was a Detroit fan I don't think I'd get overly excited about a jersey without that logo.

Would people buy a CA Montreal jersey (Club Athletiques Canadiens) from the 1910s? I probably wouldn't.

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