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Philly Interested In Halak

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After watching the game against the Avalanche I don't think Gainey will be dealing either Price or Halak.Keep them both and play the hot goalie.If that means Halak starts in the playoffs then he has earned that right.Price is good and he will bounce back but for now Halak has to keep starting.

i agree....i dont think there will be a goal move here this deadline

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LOL ya serves Briere right. after tonight I would not be shopping Halak eithier.

REmber on the farm it was Price backing Halak till the injury and he came off bench to save the day, cup and all.

Maybe Halak wants to turn back the hands of time in NHL. He sure was a MONSTER TONIGHT>


Price got his break when Huet went down and the team was forced to count on Aebi. The Habs needed a back up, so they called up Halak, who ended up playing better and more than Aebi.

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The fact is, Halak isn't going to land us one of the absolute best prospects in the world, or a cheap young stud on the backend.

I wouldn't be so quick to deal Halak, I believe we dealt Critobal Huet a little premature. I say our goaltending situation is concrete unless a goaltender is given in exchange.

I say Philly isn't in our picture if it is a goaltender they're inquiring about.

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We have to remember the difference a bona fide number one goalie makes to our playoff picture. Right now there is a little contraversy and becuase we've invested in the development of Carey Price we need someone that can assume the role...and right now that's Halak.

If we're not careful going forward we will end up without a goalie after having had 3 talented goalies come through our system.

I think we're a litte bit behind schedule in terms of prices professional development. But we must not forget that the injuries to Lang, Tanguay and Latandresse really exposed our teams depth and sensitivity to key player injuries. Fortunately Tanguay and Latandresse will be back in the lineup come playoffs.

It would be pandemonium if we dealt a goalie. What we need is a Centre and a Defenceman to add a little more depth. We can't have Komo or Markov go down. We can't have Kovalev or Koivu go down.

As I said before: allthough highly contraversial Carbo needs to go with a Number 1 Goalie now......unfortunately for him whatever the outcome seeing it through my not win him brownie points.

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Halak is just as important to the Habs as Price right now. I hope Gainey learnt his lesson form last yyear's deadline and won't throw price into the fire by trading Halak.

But then again, if the offer is irresistable; then no one is untouchable, not even Price.

How about:

Halak, Tanguay for Biron,Gagne?


Price, Pleks, Jorges for Biron, Richards, Coburn?


Halak, Higgins for Carter?

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