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Hi, I buy the new "NHL 09" for my X-Box 360. In the game you have a cool option that allow you to change the music in any arena in a multiple occasion. So you can had any music for example at...

The beginning of the game...

Home team goal, or visitor...

Penalty fo us, or against...

Time out...

End of the game, winning or losing...

I found couple of them, Generation of Simple Plan (home goal), or the Imperial March, Star Wars (power play) for example. Can you help me to find the others? Specially the one when the Canadien jump on the ice at the beginning of the game... Everyone seems to know it, but no one could tell me the name of this music.

Thx, and Go habs go !!!

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yeah, its fix you by coldplay

though it used to be U2 where the streets have no name

I think they still play that, too. Last season they would project images of all the Habs' greats onto the ice before game time and I think the accompanying song was U2's The Streets Have No Name. Then they would kick into Fix You just before the team came onto the ice.

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This year, they start off the introductions with 'One' by U2, followed by 'All these things that I've done' by The Killers and then the traditional 'Fix you' by Coldplay (they play the song starting from the 2:36 mark) when the kids hop onto the ice with those flags. Personally? I love it. If you haven't seen it, here it is (attention spoiler; don't open it if you don't want to see it):


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