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I'm wondering what people think fo the play of our 4th line this year.

Lapierre is -1 in 8 games this season, but he had a underhanded goal which is not included.

Steve Begin is +0 in 4 games.

Dandeneault is +2 in 7 games.

Laraque is -2 in 3 games.

Kostopoulos is +1 in 8 games.

Chipchura is +0 in 0 games.

So overall seems good to me, the stats are a bit distorted since Kosto has been playing on the third line, but if you take the other guys they add up to -1, which means the 4th line contributes a one goal deficit every 24 games (-1 over 8 games but 3 players on the line), or only 3 or 4 goals over the year, seems amazing to me.

Seems like Begin is the odd man out, barring any injures he won't be playing too many games this year. Chipchura would have his spot if he had played more than 160 games.

I'm not sure why Carbo is picking Dandy over Laraque,

Overall, awesome so far.

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I would be happy with Tom K in and Begin watching every night to be honest...

BGL, Laps and Tom K I believe is the best 4th line we can ice...dandy is a good fill in/swingman

You realize your first and second line contradict each other right? ^^

I agree with you on BGL, Laps and Tom K.

And if it were up to me Dandy and Begin would go, and Chipchura would be rolled in.

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The only time they match up against other team's top line is when the coach has made a mistake.

It is not a mistake !!!!

Our top players spend alot of time on the ice.

Most play regular time, PP and PK duties.

This makes it necessary at times to rely on our fourth line to get the job done.

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I'd rather see less 4th liners at this point, but hey we have them right. I'd choose the three fastest skaters among them... Begin has been the odd-man out so that would leave Dandenault, Lapierre and Kostopoulos as Laraque is the slowest and least talented of the four remaining. They have also worked the best when playing IMO.

If we didn't need to make a line-up spot for S.Kostitsyn I would have no problem seeing Kostopoulos be a regular at third line right wing. I would be good with Begin-Lapierre-Dandenault as a regular trio if that were the case.

Could S. Kostitsyn be returned to Hamilton for this year? (I'm not saying we should do this for now... just wondering)

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I'd rather see less 4th liners at this point, but hey we have them right. I'd choose the three fastest skaters among them... Begin has been the odd-man out so that would leave Dandenault, Lapierre and Kostopoulos as Laraque is the slowest and least talented of the four remaining. They have also worked the best when playing IMO.
Agreed. This team is a skating team; Wings are similar. BGL is in the line-up against certain teams (only), taking Dandy out (usually). Begin needs minutes as well, so he's got spell Kosto (or Dandy once in a while) -- can't expect much calling on a guy following injury to someone else if all he's been doing is sitting in the pressbox! ;)

I have been quite content with Dandy's play this season (other than the 'knucklehead' no-stick-I'll-trip-him-with-my-skate trick last week :D ). He's certainly been more effective (IMO) than either BGL or Begin (and those two have played fine too).

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yup i would go with dandenault lapierre and kosto. kost always works hard and the two others have speed. i'ld then proceed to put in laraque against teams like philly and boston were we have a sort of rivalry already and were things often get heated up or teams that seem to play on the dirtier side. but against teams that tend to focus more on the skating and playing aspect i'ld rather keep in dandenault over laraque. I usually like begin, but since carbo seems to have been sitting him out for early season mistakes its hard to tell what is game is like this year, so i guess throw him in every once in a while when needed. i don't know if i'm putting two right or left wingers together though which usually also has to do with who's in and who's out though lol

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The 4th line is getting too much ice. When they play against the top line it is a mistake by the coach. They do not have the necessary skills to stop a good #1 line.

Lapierre is working hard. I will give him that he works hard. However, I find his PK not good enough and his ability to convert scoring chances as very poor. Now a 4th line center is not expected to get 20 goals but it would be nice if Lapierre scored on some of his hard work. Marginal player that will be replaced by Maxwell or Chips within 2 seasons. IMHO.

Dandenault has a been a very pleasant surprise. Good to very good on the PK. I would consider him the best 4th line player and would find it interesting if to see if he could still play 6th D allowing Montreal to have a PP specialist like Weber be the 7th D that basically only plays on the PP and Dandy would play on the 6th D.

Kostopolous has been good. Very good on the PK. Not getting many pionts on the 3rd or 4th line. Stands up for his teammates even though he normally loses the fight. Would be nice to see Kostopolous get a few more points but have no issue with his hard work and solid defensive play.

Laraque is a goon. Hopefully one of the better goons based on reputation. Don't think he is in very good physical shape but I am hoping the groin injury is the reason for the poor conditioning. So far his $1.5 million is a waste of money and waste of a roster spot. Come late in the season and in the playoffs I really hope it helps the smaller forwards to have a player like BGL on the roster.

Begin. Not good on the PK. Last year he was very good on the PK but so far this year his PK has been bad. Takes stupid penalties. Not showing any energy which is why fans normally like Begin. This is his final season in Montreal. I think he should be traded or waived. Chips, D'Agonstini, Stewart, Weber, and Patches would all bring far more to the Canadiens then Begin. Similar salary so this is not a salary dump. This would be a lack of energy, lack of skill, and poor decisions why Begin should be traded or waived. I would think a 7th round pick would be fair. Maybe send a 7th round pick the other way to get the 7th round pick.

Brisebois should play at the most 20 games in the season and the remainder in the press box. Old, slow, lack of offensive skill, weak along the boards, too many stupid decisions.

O'Byrne. I honestly think he can become a good player. Komi made similar mistakes in his 2nd NHL season. However with the lack of confidence shown by Carbo I think that OB will develop slowly as he is afraid to make a mistake which makes his play very laboured. Would not be shocked if BG trades OB to another NHL team. This is unforunate as last year when OB was playing in a lot of games with Hammer there were mistakes plus lots of improvement.

Chips should be on the team. Hopefully someone is traded or waived as Chips is better defensively and better offensively then any of the 4th line players.

Heck, Chips, D'Agostini, Maxwell, and a few other players in Hamilton could easily replace our 4th line without any negative effect and they would have MORE talent so room for improvement would be greater. If some of the players in Hamilton do not make the team they will end up playing for a different NHL team which I would really think is a waste of drafting these players. With UFAs Kostopolous, Begin, Bouillon, Dandenault, and Brisebois all taking up 4th line or 3rd D pair roles (plus press box) on the roster there needs to be some movement to get the talent from Hamilton to Montreal. That is FIVE players that will be UFA this summer taking up 8 roster spots. Not to mention that Maxwell or Chips may need to replace Koivu and/or Lang as those two centers are UFA and it is very hard to get players to sign in Montreal in the summer.

Play the young players or risk losing them. Montreal has A LOT of UFA players this coming summer. 10 players are UFA. I think that 5 of these UFA players will be resigned by BG as there are cheaper and better players in Hamilton and other leagues that belong to Montreal.

If there is not enough room for these young players then trade some of them for high draft picks to start the process over or one star roster player. Ship a boatload for one player. Maybe a rebuilding team like Toronto would love some of the prospects and Montreal would get back a top 4 D.

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I see it as Lapierre followed by Dandy as the 1-2. Its amazing to think the amount of times we have all expected to see Dandy cut-traded-or waived. The fact he is still here shows a faith in him that I think will translate to ice time. I think Kostopolous and Laraque will split time once they are both healthy. Can't give it to Chips as he has not done enough with his team up here.

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i feel dandenault should be in consideration for a D spot here in the near future depending on what happens with OB

but you have to go with the 3 guys that have been skating the hell out of the others teams which is of course dan,max and the bomb

the bomb???

I too would like to see Dandy given a crack at playing "D" with Hamrlik.

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The number one choice for a fourth line, in my opinon, has to be:

Dandenault - Lapierre - Kostopolous

Great shut down line with offensive upside. Can't go wrong for a fourth line. Begin doesn't deserve to be here because it always seems to me that he takes dumb penalties. Maybe it's just me though...

Ya, from what I've seen so far, this has been the best combo on the 4th line, or with Chips switched in on the wing if Dandy needs to go play D. (So long as Dandy never trips a guy like he did in the Wild game ever again...I'm still angry at him for that :angry:)

Is it just me or has Begin been a little quiet every time he's gone out? (Other than the double penalties in that first game). He just seems invisible when he's not scratched. Which is GOOD for one reason 'cause it means he's not causing trouble. But it just seems he was a bit more of a sparkplug last year. Hmm... Or maybe he just hasn't really had much of a chance, but then again TK is always a spark when he out there.

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I don't think Chipchura needs to be looked at for the time being, so it becomes a decision between the top-5 on that list.

Lapierre and Begin have a marked edge over the rest of the group being the only two centermen (Begin is generally more effective on the wing, but certainly can still play in the middle).

I think Kostopolous and Dandenault should be the primary wing-men not only based on their play but their skill-set; both certainly outrank Begin and Laraque in most categories.

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lapierre i think is developing, dandenault is working, but kostopolous is static, begin's time has past with winning home games, which may or may not leave room for chipchura and i don't see why not really, especially with laraque spending so much time off ice.

it should also help because the chipchura should be able to help out hamilton entries if he gets to think about it.

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