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Canadiens Vs Islanders | November 1st, 2008 | 7:00 Pm Est


Canadiens vs Islanders  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Canadiens in regulation
    • Canadiens in overtime/shootout
    • Islanders in regulation
    • Islanders in overtime/shootout

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So, what your saying is

a night for all the snake bitten goal scorers with the exception of koivu.

Even though New York is the leagues worst team, I don't think this will be a cake walk. They are not as bad as their record shows.

I agree. They're worse than their record. :lol:

The only way we lose tonight is because the Canadiens decided to not play this week, or SuperStar Yann Danis stones the gutts out of them.

Not Gonna Happen!

Go Canadiens GO

Thank God For Center Ice!

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I will never understand why it is that cbc has to show the useless laffs coast to coast they suck.. the habs are canandas hope for a cup and they never show them.... it sucks

No worries, when I win the lottery I'm going to buy out the Laffs franchise and sell it to the city of Maui, Hawaii for 1 american dollar.

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Yes you are correct, CBC is largely publicly funded.

Ok in that case I don't understand why they think Toronto are the only taxpayers in the Country. I mean the last few weeks CBC has AT LEAST been streaming the habs games on CBC.ca. but tonite they're not but OF COURSE they're streaming the Laffs game which is being shown on TV anyway!!! Just another prime example of how pathetic and biased CBC really is. I wish there was somehow to file for withdrawal on paying them any percentage of my hard earned money to those losers.

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