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After yesterdays horrible borrible loss to the now 3-24 Thunder I realize that this years Raptors are a JOKE

This is one of the worst Raptors teams in recent memory. The absence of a decent wing player who drives consistently is horrible, when the only player on your team who drives is JOEY GRAHAM then theres a problem (who by the way I believe is one of the worst choices in team history, close to Haffa, Danny Granger went directly after) Maybe it was because Mitchell couldn't develop him properly but it dosen't matter I'm just sour at him because that could have been Danny Granger out there, giving us the much needed wing presence. Jamario Moon is a softie with only one dimension to his game and thats taking shots. The only time he shows his dunking skills is against teams that are even softer in the post the the Raps.

Don't even get me started on the "new twin towers". The J.O trade was doomed from the start, I knew this kind of thing was going to happen. He was struggliung back in indiana before he injured his knee and it was pretty obvious that he was going to struggle here. So far all we did by aquiriing him was add an oft injured has been to the lineup in exchange for a decent backup centre and a #1 point guard. We gave away depth for a better starting lineup but when it comes down to it, Colangelo made a move that pretty much made winning impossible if Bosh dosen't get 30 and 10 consistently.

People say that Colangelo is one of the best GM's in the league? Please, the best GM in the league is Kevin Pritchard of the Portland Trail Blazers. He built his team the right way, through the draft, trading many of his "stars" for high picks and that got him the amazing lineup they have today. What really irks me about this is that the Blazers have not one but TWO players that the Raptors could have chosen over Bargnani. Brandon ROy and LaMarcus Aldridge are cornerstone of the Blazers who were both past on by the Raps for Andrea. Drafting Andrea as the "next Dirk" was a great idea but a lot of people were skeptical about his skills, even in EUrope. When I heard he was an option i looked for his highlights all over the internet, all I could find was the same clip of him shooting a game winnign 3 ball. Ummm OKay? What about a post game? For someone who's seven feet tall he has one of the worst post games I've ever seen in my life. He's the tallestr player on the Raptors and he cannot grab rebounds to sae his life. If he's content living at the three point line, thats fine, but I'm not and the rest of the Raptors fan base is not okay with it.

This team has been driven in the wrong direction and it's finally beginning to show. The players and the fans are losing faith and it's going to lead to a massive blowup. Frustrated fans boo their own teams sometimes, sure it happens, but when the enitre ACC boos Bosh everytime he touches the ball its disgusting and thats the kind of thing that turns players away from Toronto. After the game Bosh said that he mine as well have been playing a road game.

Theres one phrase that Raptors fans have chanted that pretty much sums up the Raps if they can't turn it around. I heard this during the Raps- Mavs telecast and when I heard it, i was in a state of shock and hysterics:


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Although VC might help, it like many players in NBA they just do not want to play in Toronto.

Of course just look at all 3 pro teams.

Bad trades drafts management it a joke.

The price of tickets no joke and other then the Jays who tands look like softball games ACC sells out.

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