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My NHL would move franchises out of some markets to the following locations:

1. Winnipeg

2. Quebec City

3. Regina

4. Halifax

5. Hamilton

6. Saint John (You heard me! IF they can have a franchise in a New Jersey swamp, I don't see why you can't have 1 in Saint John)

I'm sick of this "Grow the Game" *****...I'm not going to slag the hockey fans of certain US markets, because hockey fans are hockey fans, through and through, no matter where they're from. But I think it's time to bring some of these middle of nowhere franchises back to Canada.

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I agree with pretty much all you said, JL. And since you didnt mention Tampa, that includes the retraction on the number of teams :D

The thrashers are the 2nd team to try and make it in Atlanta, and its still not working there. You have to keep at least 1 Florida team though. With all the snowbirds down here, theres still a good market. And snowbirds aside, there is still a good foundation of fans in this area. I cant speak for Miami though and the panthers

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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