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I don't understand the fuss; there are Canadian-exclusive hockey contests and sweepstakes all the time, not to mention that neither team playing in the game is Canadian. If they want the contest only open to the 52 states, all the power to them.

No there's no Canadian teams but people always forget that the majority of NHL players are Canadian, and the Hawks captain, Jonathan Toews, is from Winnipeg. ;)

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People who think Bettman hates Canada are EDIT, he simply follows the wants of the NHL owners.

Its not a hard concept to follow, the NHL is a business and its doing everything in its power to garner as much money.

Why pay attention to Canada? Its practically a given source of revenue that needs no further advertisement, do you see the NFL spreading the word about the sport around the states?

The NHL still respects Canadians and its fans, they gave us the freakign All-Star game and drafy because they knew how special this year was to us, but you don't try and sell a product to a guy whose already writing up the check.

Edit: Please refrain from using words like the one that I deleted, it only leads to arguments. GHC

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