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Looking For Name Of Song


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  • 3 weeks later...
Well i have been searching for a french song. A female singer...The song is called something like Annie Annie.

The Video is just her, going into a restaurant..she is the waitress, and there are just more of her as customers.

ARGH! Ive been looking for days..someone please end my sanity.

I found it....The guy up top found it right after he posted on here, and I did do...This post finds it for YOU!

Its "Ma blonde est une chanteuse-Annie annie"

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  • 3 months later...

Ok need help again with a song, I think it's a relatively popular song but I can't find out who plays it and whats the name of the song.

I think they played it during the 2nd period tonight during the Habs Leafs game. It's sounds sorta emo punk rockish and the chorus goes like "na na naaaaaa, na na naaaaaaaa, na na naaaaaaaa, na na naaaaaaaaaa" I think during the chorus the guy sings "i can seeeee" and "set me/us? freeeee" or something like that.

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