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Need Bruins Jokes!!

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Just take every dumb blonde joke you can find, and put a BB fan in the place of the blonde. It works, and it's funny. they also can't find a source to ruin your jokes.


A Boston Bruin fan wanted to sell her car, but couldn't find any buyers. She called her friend for advice, and her friend asked her how many miles she had on her car.

"235,000 miles." Her friend told her that was the problem. But the BB fan's friend told her that her brother is a mechanic and could put back the miles to whatever she wanted. So the BB fan went to the mechanic and told him to put the miles at 40,000. Two days later the BB fan's friend asked her if she sold the car since her brother dropped the miles. The BB fan told her, "Why would I sell the car? There are only 40,000 miles on it!"


A BB fan went to the appliance store sale and found a bargain. "I would like to buy this TV," she told the salesman.

"Sorry, we don't sell to BB fans," he replied.

She hurried home and put on a Montreal Canadiens Jersey, then came back and again told the salesman, "I would like to buy this TV."

"Sorry, we don't sell to BB fans," he replied.

"Darn, he recognized me," she thought.

She went for a complete disguise this time; haircut and new color(red, white, and blue), new Jersey, big sunglasses, then waited a few days before she again approached the salesman. "I would like to buy this TV."

"Sorry, we don't sell to BB fans," he replied.

Frustrated, she exclaimed, "How do you know I'm a Boston Bruin fan?"

"Because that's a microwave," he replied.


Q: What do you do if a Boston Bruin fan throws a grenade at you?

A: Pull the pin and throw it back.


How many Boston Bruin fan jokes are there?

One. The rest are true stories.

Yep, that's how you win a playoff series, Boston Bruin Fan jokes.

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Q: What does the B on the Bruins jersey stand for?

A: Hockey

A Bruins fan walked into his house carrying a pile of dog poo...."Hey" he said, "Look what I almost stepped in!"

A computer programmer annouced to the world that he has developed the first truly interactive computer. "And," he said, "If you type in your IQ it will converse with you on your level." Wanting to see if this was true a reporter logged on and typed in 164...the computer began to discuss quantum physics theories...he then punched in 120 and the computer began to discuss political and economic theories.....finally just because he was curious he typed in...02, the computer screen read.."Go Bruins"

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