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Hi everyone,

Here’s a thought I had for a thread. The “POST OF THE DAY”. The general thought process behind this is quite simple. There are hundreds if not thousands posts here everyday. There are a few in particular that stand out. Whether it’s a funny post that made you laugh out loud, a witty post, a well thought out post that swayed your opinion on a certain topic or just a well written post that you enjoyed reading.

We often see members that reply to a post saying “QFT (quoted for truth)” or the new trend “THIS” meaning that they approve or share the same opinion. We often see members reply to a post laughing using smilies etc.

What I propose we do is just copy and paste that post from the thread where that certain member made you experience any one of the above emotions. There will be no prizes, no voting on any of this. Then why do it you ask. Just as a simple gesture of acknowledgement towards that individual that brightened your day.

Here are some examples from today’s batch of posts:

This post made me laugh:

From Habsgirl3823

There's more drama in this voting process than there was in my high school days... Wow.

I found this post extremely witty, especially the final sentence:

From Miltie01

Is anybody here old enough to remember that the CBC used to show THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY every Sunday night ?

Watching the Habs is like watching that show a long time ago !!! You never know what you would get.

Sometimes you would get a drama, sometimes you would get a comedy, sometimes you would get a cartoon !!!!

I don't know why you people don't like good entertainment !!!

This post actually made me change my opinion I had the night before because of the validity of the argument that it presented.

From JL

Sorry about the others who posted after this, I could only quote 4 people at a time.

I honestly think that you guys didn't understand the message here, reading too much in the words and not enough in the psychology behind the words, or the message as it's better known for. What I mean by that is Carbonneau isn't stupid enough to think that his team played a great game. But he's certainly smart enough to know that he's coaching a team that's very fragile at the moment.

Any of you have kids? I know, I know, NHL players aren't kids and that's not what I'm trying to say here, but hear me out. If you're always negative, they will be thinking that there's nothing they can do to please you. Sometimes, you have to say something positive to encourage them, to motivate them instead of always pounding them with negatives.

Carbonneau knows darn well that it wasn't their best game. But he also knows that they've been playing awful hockey lately. He knows very well that their confidence and morale is low. What he's doing here is putting a bit of positive in what truly is an alarming situation. He's picking his battles, trying to build on some positive.

I like that he said what he said, but let's not be mistaken in taking it too literally.

Each member can only paste one post in here per day.

Therefore, the next time you see a post that you really enjoyed, paste it in here for all to see.

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regards jl:

i'm in a moment of contemplation about it. it doesn't ring absurd to me, its not of course 100% truth either, and a stepping stone for debate i pray.

I seldom ever really laugh when reading stuff online but the sheer randomness of this post just got me. It was actually a few posts leading up to it <JL, Keithman, archey> but of course.. you can only post one.

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I believe I shall drink myself into oblivion if we lose again. Might only be milk that I'm drinking, but when it hits you, it hits you hard!
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If you really want people to read my posts, they can just click on my profile. No need for an entire thread. B)

lololol, there's one for the books folks :lol: Thanks J ;)

Thanks Habsgirl that's an excellent find,

I just laughed so hard with this:

I believe I shall drink myself into oblivion if we lose again. Might only be milk that I'm drinking, but when it hits you, it hits you hard!

Too funny :lol: :lol: :lol:

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This gets my vote for Post of the Day on Tuesday Nov. 18 2008:

I keep hearing about our system. Can somebody explain to me what it is? I've yet to see something concrete this year that even remotely shows repetition game in and game out. I've yet to see players even try and execute something even in failure. All I see over and over again our team giving the puck over to the other team and on some nights, when an individual effort is enough to score a few goals we get the two points. We are not playing as a team and I'm really starting to be concerned.
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My post of the day: Weep giving excellent analysis of our powerplay :lol: :lol: :lol:

Translation: Two minutes (or less, if they take a penalty) of wasted time in which they pass the puck around the perimeter, only to turn it over on a low-percentage pass into the slot or a shot fired straight into a defender that deflects outside the zone. Plekanec, seeking to ensure that he never scores another PP goal again, will take a shot from behind the net at the side of the net. Markov will fake shots and pass to Kovalev, who will not have a shooting or passing lane. Kovalev will pass back to Markov, who will pass to Tanguay, who will pass back to Markov, who won't shoot. Zone cleared.
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Courtesy of Weeping

I'm embarrassed to be a fan of this team.

* Price has faced almost 50 shots tonight from a team that has been offensively challenged most of this season.

* We lost just about every race to the puck in the third period. Nobody is skating, nobody is hustling, and nobody is playing smart hockey. As we changes lines, the forward flips the puck straight to the Carolina D-man, who can stretch-pass to his forward to catch us flat-footed on a line change. There is no intelligent anticipation of the puck going up the boards in our zone; we run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Soft passes, bobbled passes, guys throwing checks but losing the puck, guys getting knocked off the puck with checks, turnovers galore, unnecessary icings. You name a bad habit, we're doing it.

* For what seems like the 1000th time, let me point out that our Atom Hockey League Breakouts (tm Innis Mor) are in full effect. Forwards a mile away from the D. Getting into the zone is accomplished by firing a hard shot down ice that we hope gets tipped by a stationary forward to avoid icing, but that stationary forward isn't skating and thus can't beat the defender to the puck.

* Forwards have become allergic to the area near the other goalie's blue paint. We have fallen in love with taking shots from the half-wall without any idea of what to do to make those plays work. Nobody gets to rebounds, nobody tries to assert himself in the slot, nobody seems to have any idea what his linemate is doing in the offensive zone, and NOBODY LOOKED LIKE THEY GAVE A CRAP ABOUT SCORING THE TYING GOAL.

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courtesy of oatmeal777

With the beginaultopoulos it's really hard to be flexible in terms of callups. The lineup I'd like to see....

Tanguay - Koivu - Latendresse

A. Kostitsyn - Lang - Kovalev

Higgins - Plekanec - S. Kostitsyn

Waive/Trade Begin, Brisebois, call up Chipchura and....

Chipchura - Lapierre - Kostopoulos


Markov - Komisarek

Hamrlik - Carle

Bouillon - Dandenault



- Tanguay - Koivu - Latendresse is just a good line.

- IMO, Andrei Kostitsyn and Kovalev showed good signs of sputtering back to life last night against Carolina, Lang's been decent, that line IMO is bound to do well.

- Plekanec has not done so well so put him with Higgins and Sergei Kostitsyn (a line of run and gun guys that should do well away from the top checkers).

- Chipchura really should be on the team. No he can't solve all the problems, but he's great defensively and is a guy with character you want on your team.

- I think the team needs another puck moving defenceman and Carle could do well. I think he could do a better job than Brisebois.


I always thought unisex meant sex on a unicycle - Anonymous

Greeks don't fight like heroes; heroes fight like Greeks - Winston Churchill

Never drink water; fish have sex in it.

I liked Grabovski more than Sergei Kostitsyn - Me

All-Star / Super vedette

nicely said!!!!

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Here's what I consider the post of the day from Crazyhorse in State of the Habs:

Haha yeah ive gone through all of the necessary steps to get to where I am. First denial after losing to the laffs so horribly. Next came anger... Also after losing to the leafs. Then came self pitty... You know what i go through steps pretty fast. Of course they all started over when we lost to the Booins. Now im at the point where I see through the holes with some sort of psychological power.

:lol: :lol: :lol: This post is brilliant.

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Crazyhorse also hits the nail on the head with this post:

The thing that I dont understand about our team this year is why we changed our system. Last season we were quite good at entering the opponents zone. We had a couple set plays and they worked one way or another. It was a real nice plus to see because the few seasons prior to last we were terrible at it. Now, our players are litterally circling at the blueline confused. Last night Kovalev finally had enough of it and started grabbing the puck and going through everyone just so we could get into the zone. The funny thing about that is people probably were bashing on him for being a puck hog but realistically its the only play that actually resulted with an entry into the offensive zone. This problem stems all the way back to exiting our defensive zone as well. We used to turn up ice so quickly that teams had to work very hard to match our speed in order to compete.

The other thing I dont get is why we have changed our powerplay so much. We used to play a fairly basic version of the Overload game except we'd sneak a guy into the backdoor with passing plays using the defence. Markov and Kovalev became masters of deception with this play and Kostitsyn became a backdoor assassin. The big slapper was never our first option on the powerplay. It was a secondary option that we used when the defence refused to move up and open up the low slot. Infact whenever we took the big slapper it was usually a very obvious play because the other team would be screening their own goaltender. This is why our guys were so successful regardless of who played the point.

So back to what I dont understand. When our new plays are not working, why are we not falling back on what gave us excellent success last season?

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I thought this post summed up the Kovalev situation nicely, and the bolded part (bolding: mine) was a good way to put what I was thinking earlier into words

What your post actually brings to light for me isn't that the problem is Kovalev, but rather that the team relies too heavily on Kovalev. I see that as a problem; he certainly should be viewed as an essential leader, no doubt, but if he is the common denominator then surely THAT is the problem. If you look at everywhere else that he's been, he hasn't been the primary "guy", and IMO he shouldn't be here either, especially at this stage in his career. Ultimately though, if the player is kept around, the coach is responsible for getting what he needs out of a player in the majority of circumstances (exceptions being the Samsonovs, etc).

Of course, there's a myriad of other problems -- the disturbing slump of the majority of the team's youth, a concussion to a top young forward, and the sub-par play and injury to our #2 defender. I think you're looking at the situation as too cut-and-dried, as there are way too many variables in play -- beyond what I mentioned, we can look at the struggling PP and the unfilled gap left by the departures of Souray and Streit. Incredibly inconsistent and often poor goaltending was a serious issue two years ago as well.

I don't think Carbonneau deserves the lion share of blame yet, and certainly not for a while. However, neither does Kovalev. There are glaring points of concern for each (Carbonneau: special teams production, overall team motivation, etc; Kovalev: inconsistency, on-ice mistakes, etc), but I suggest we wait it out before passing serious judgment.

There are just too many other major variables that factor in when comparing the seasons...

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My vote for post of the day:

From Miltie01 in the Kovalev thread.

Find Member's Posts When koivu has bad games everyone wants the C ripped off his jersey and to put him on the first bus out of town !!!

Kovalev is a leader on this club and will be held accountable accordingly.

Yes he has points, but he is not playing up to par, and he must get into form.

The problem with this guy is he can do some amazing things with that puck, and everyone loves that.

But if this results in giveaways, stalled plays, or mass confusion for his linemates he just isn't helping his team.

Kovalev is a wonderful stick handler, and is great when he possesses the puck, but relies on it to heavily right now.

He has to get back to skating hard, moving the puck quickly, and using his body and doing all these things EFFECTIVELY on a CONSISTANT BASIS.

Before you counter with there are alot of guys who have to do it, you are correct, but it has to start with the LEADERS.

Saku has been doing it, now it is time for Kovy to.

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Miltie in the Latendresse thread:

I would agree that he does not bring what Higgins does to the line, he brings something different.

But what he does bring can be very effective, and since Higgins has not been for a bit, Guillaume (notice I didn't say Willie) will get anoother go.

Either way you look at it, we need someone to be an effective contributer on this line. It doesn't matter if it is Guillaume, Chris or whoever.

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