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Habs Vs Canes | 11-18-08 | 7:00 Pm Est


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And I wanna see Kovy scoring tonight.

Nationally televised makes me a happy hab fan today. I hope we win but i too have some doubts. The boys may be looking ahead of this one to the Bruins game. As long as we win that one convincingly I'd take 2 shoot-out losses. (canes-sens)

Yesterday, ESPN televised something about Habs to Brazil. :D

But I didn't watch it. <_<

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Well sadly, :( I'm off to work.

I'll be by a computer so I'll be relatively up to date. My fingers have been crossed all day that the Boss leaves me his laptop, I might be able to get CJAD.

Better than I have said it before:

- 60 minutes, all out. They haven't really done it yet so they should have plenty of gas in the tank.

- Gotta clear our zone smarter

- Win along the boards

- Win in the faceoff circles

- Win at all costs

I would love to see a decisive win but I really don't know what to expect anymore.

"(They've) got the tools.

(They've) got the talent." *

No reason that they shouldn't get a big 'W'.


(*- paraphrased from "Ghostbusters", 1984)

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shood put the boots to em tonight i hope.the canes are having trouble scoring right now.don't know much about injury factor for dem but nonetheless they are struggling. gotta finish this month on a decent note,come dec we have alot of home games.that should really put us in the driver seat if we can win the majority of home games there. first thing's first,beat the canes tonight :angry:
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