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Habs Vs Canes | 11-18-08 | 7:00 Pm Est


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well.... Price is having a nice game

shots are what, 13-5?

that Begin-Lats-Dandenault line has been our best so far

13-5, yep.

Agreed on the BLD line. Sounded like Koivu and Tanguay had some connections there for a bit but, alas, nothing generated.

C'mon, Team.

No time like the present.


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And that higgins giveaway marks the 4th thoughtless pass the habs have made by my count. 3 of which led to turnovers.

On another note, I have to say that although I was one person who wanted Latendresse off the team and sent back down to Hamilton for the past few years, I have been very impressed with his play lately. He is by no means the fastest player on this team but he manages to have one of the most effective forechecks on the team. This is due to a) his willingness to try to skate fast even if he isn't that quick and his fearlessness when entering the corner with an opponent. He is strong on tyhe puck and manages the maintain possession even when he reaches the puck first. I never thought I would be saying that the rest of the team could really learn something fro Gui.

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You know noone's scored when you come back to the game and they're updating scores in other games.

I don't like this shot count: 15-6. :(

Can't score without shooting it on net.

Keep it up, Price.

The rest of you, get goin'!


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