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We Need Goals! We Need Shooters! We Need Hitters


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We need! We need!

Wanted shooters! Hitters! Anyone who can score goals welcome!

Again we are hit with bad plays! too many passes! not enough goals! one goal does not win games!

Easy goals finding the back of our net! Where and when well this stop!

Nobody throwing their body weight arround! What does Carbo have to do to get these guys going!

When well thay figure out you havew to play 60 minutes! not 5 minutes here and there!

we all know they can play, so what well it take to get them to play a full game, and then to play a full game after that game????

No Hitting! are we in the old timers league? Where is the energy, the speed, the want to win!

We can mix and match till the cows come home, but if no one is playing 100% what well it do!

Am I frustrated and upset? ..... Yes I am! they can play much better hockey than what they have been, we sugar coat it with calling it a slump, we avoid the true issues of lack of playing from the whole team! One player can not win the game. But a full complete effort from each line and player including the goaltender, well win games!

Do they not watch vids. of their crappy lazy plays? Do they not see that they have to bring their game each and every night?

This is the team on paper to go to the cup! But everything loks good on paper! Now they have to start looking good on the ice where it really counts!!

Go Habs Go! Go Habs Go!

put the thrill back into playing guys you can do it! and only the players can make it happen!

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