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Can You Help With The Perfect X-mas Gift For My Dad?


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Hi, I have an unusual request. My father is right up there as one of the biggest Habs fans ever. (which of course makes me a huge fan by default) A few years ago he lost his 1993 Stanley Cup Champions hat. Its black and I'm sure you guys have all seen it. Since losing it, he hasn't stopped talking about it. I really want to surprise him this Christmas and find one but I've searched everywhere (ebay, etc.) and I can't find one anywhere! Maybe someone out there wouldn't mind parting with theirs...maybe if the price was right???? Help!

Thanks guys!

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I would try phoning some of those sport merchandise companies (like River City Sports) because they MIGHT just be able to get one for you.

I have no idea if they actually do this, but it's worth a try eh?

I also know what the hat looks like since my Dad was wearing one in a photo so I'll look around for you and if I find anything I'll post back.

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