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I was just curious to see how many Habs fans have attended an open practice? I saw that there was a link to a contest for one via metro.ca for December 7, 2008. Do you need tickets to attend? If so, where can I get them?

Lol you want to see the worst powerplay in the league practicing? You can see that in a normal game. I am boycotting everything that has to do with the Habs.

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our practices consist of the forwards standing at the red line while the d-man dump the puck and the goal is for the forwards to touch the puck to avoid the icing and then no one chases the puck

after doing this drill for 2 hours a day, our defense later stands around waiting for a dman coach (O'byrne obviously on the side of the ice , alone, practicing passing the puck back to a non-existing Price)

and our forwards take shots on Price from 2 feet out and see who can miss the net the worst


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watching a practice sounds cold

reports from last year's event tell that it's a fun happening, the bell centre is full (of youth mostly) and the practice in itself is more scrimmage than anything else.

do you know if you can bring cameras to the practice??

non professional photo camera, same as for games

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