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Should Nhl Superstars Be Allowed To Fight Their Own Fights?


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So after watching a little bit of last night's game between the Leafs and Thrashers, I was wondering if the refsw should let the supertars fight their own fights.

Here's a quick resumé of what hapenned last night. Kovalchuk hit Ian White in the Leafs zone and then both of them skated towards the Thrashers zone jawing at each other. At one point, Kovalchuk decides to turn around and just goes after White, he recieves a roughing and charging penalty. After getting out from the box, he hets a clean hit on Schenn in TO's zone and then White comes right back and nails Kovalchuk (you'll see this part in the video). Kovalchuk decides he's had enough with White and both of them throw the gloves only for the refs to step in just as a couple punches start being thrown.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=600lZGZRv5c

I know the league wants to protect it's stars, and that I understand. But do refs get a special ''reminder'' from the league to not let the stars fight?? I totally understand if let's say White decicdes to drop the gloves and just starts pounding on Kovalchuk, but here, Kovalchuk definately wants to fight as he engages it. Why would the refs stop the fight?? I also would understand if they ''danced'' around for 10-20 seconds before engaging the fight, but this wasn't the case.

I think the refs should let the stars fight their own fights, especially if they engage the fight...if they engage, it means they want to take on the other guy, no?? I was just wondering what you guys/gals thought about the subject.

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Not only should they be allowed, they should be encouraged to do so. Yes there's a risk but there's also a risk in standing in front of the net or going toe to toe in the corners.

Superstars should be encouraged to fight? I guess us losing Mike Komisarek for all this time thanks to an irrelevant fight hasn't taught us anything?

Fighting in hockey is irrelevant so I suppose you can let them fight, mostly hockey fights are just little wrestling matches, encouraging them to fight is silly.

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I don't remember seeing refs trying to stop Iginla


the refs aren't encouraged to stop the superstars from fighting. The superstars just don't fight that often.

A bigger question for me is why do the linesmen allow some fights to go forth yet step in between two scrappers mid-fight in other cases? It's obvious the fans love the fights so just allow them to go off on each other until they fall, one player is obviously out of his league and is getting pummeled, the two don't actually fight but simply hold onto one another or it is obvious one of the two does not want to fight.

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I think the rules should revert to the way they were before the new instigating rule was put in. No instigating, let them fight. The only way they're going to stop guys from giving dirty hits into the boards is to allow an enforcer to punch their lights out.

I think the comment about most superstars not fighting is true too. Gretzky very rarely ever fought, he had McSorley or Messier to protect him.

With today's rules they wouldn't be allowed to protect him.

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