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M'aiderez-vous Avec Mon Francais S'il Vous Plaît ?


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That seems correct :) The only thing I would say is that the team name doesn't change in french... It's still the Sharks ;)

So it would be like : L'ambassadeur officiel du babillard des Sarks de San jose à travers de la LNH

Ps. Sorry for my bad english, I'm not an english native speaker ;)

merci. what does "travers" mean? "the rest of"?

It looks fine to me (although I'm anglophone), but I've never seen the Sharks called "les Requins" before, I would just put "les Sharks de San Jose"... (I'm not sure what the rule is on translating proper nouns)

thanks. fixed it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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