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What Is The Habs Biggest Need?


What is the Habs biggest need?  

111 members have voted

  1. 1. Player positions

    • A natural goal scorer
    • An offensive defenseman
    • An experienced defenseman
    • An experienced defensive forward
    • A veteran backup goalie
    • Mats Sundin
    • A new coach

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I think he means a coach, but anyways I can't say we need anything at the moment.

A need basically classifies that we have very little chance if we don't get X player, our team is still doing relatively fine despite some holes in our squad.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, every team has holes in a salary cap era.

To answer your question though, I would want another defensive d-man.

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I voted for experienced D-man but the reality is we need an experienced 2-way stud on the blueline. We basically need a guy who can do a bit of it all...A Markov (Or closest thing to) for our 4th D-man slot.

I didn't put a 2-way defenseman in the poll simply because they were too few candidates that could fit under the cap or would be somewhat available in a trade.

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We don't need a new coach (!)

What we need is sadly Mats Sundin, if we can't land him THEN a nice booming shot from the point would be nice. Mats can fill the PP void.

I see it the same way, but differently! :lol:

I voted an offensive Dman. We need a shot on the point for the powerplay BADLY. However, if we landed Sundin, he could take Kovalev's spot on the half boards and Kovalev, with his massive shot, could man the point. He did this in Pitt, I believe. So either one COULD work, but the bottom line is we NEED to get our PP going. It was our meal ticket for years and without it, we're going to struggle.

EDIT: It would be great if the dman knew how to play D as well!

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Well I just did some calculations and at the moment we are on pace for 44 wins.

If we signed Sundin and gave him sufficient playing time (along the lines of what Koivu is getting), we become at 47 and maybe a 48 win team.

In short from 4-5 seed to top of the pile.

(I'm not posting the calculations because its very long and very complicated, PM if you want to know.)

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