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Game #25: Ny Rangers Vs Montreal Canadiens


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Thursday, December 4th, 2008

17-8-2 = 38Pts
1st East, 1st Atlantic, 2nd NHL
7-3-1 Away, 7-3 L10


14-6-4 = 32Pts
5th East, 2nd Northeast, 6th NHL
7-2-2 Home, 5-3-2 L10

Henrik Lundqvist
16-6-2 SV% .925 (10th) GAA 2.17 (9th)

Carey Price
12-4-3 SV% .920 (14th) GAA 2.40 (15th)

Scoring Leaders

Last game against the Rangers...
5-0 Comeback to win 6-5 in Shootouts

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Rangers wont be happy that they gave Pittsburgh a point last nite and will come out with everything they have to put this one away in regulation. Their goaltending has been somewhat unconfident lately so lets expose that and forecheck like crazy the way they did with Atlanta

Actually, it is more PIT that gave a point to NYR because the penguins were leading 2 - 0 ...

This is a huge game, lets get a 3rd W in a row boys.

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The team should be motivated as the Rangers are above Montreal in the standings. However if Montreal wins tonight and then wins the games in hand on the Rangers. Montreal would be the top team in the East conference. Considering Montreal had a horrible November that would be sweet. But let's not get the cart before the horse. To have any chance of passing the Rangers in the next few weeks Montreal has to win tonight.

4-2 win for Montreal.

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The lineup might be on the CBC as they are covering the game. And of course RDS is covering the game.

Interesting situation for Montreal. Bad trend IMO. We lost to the Ducks even though our team was sitting at home resting while the Ducks played the back-to-back games. We lose (complete blowout for the Bruins) to the Bruins even though the night before the Bruins were in Chicago just 24 hours earlier and Montreal was rested for the game.

The Rangers played last night against the Pens.

Montreal needs to come out skating and hitting. Scoring is not as important in the 1st period as controlling the game. Montreal should have a lot more energy then the Rangers who were in NY last night and they had a tough game that went to OT.

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I will be at the game :P

with my Rangers fan friend <_<

but I am going for FREE and he said we have good seats. ;)

GO HABS GO!!!! what jerseys will they be wearing and please tell me Price will stay with the Rodeo mask from now on. :mellow:

any official line up yet rds or tsn?

yesterday Habs I/O said no changes, so same as last game.

Sergei :(

just to add about the jersey thing, finally found a pic, I believe they will wear the one worn by Hamrlik


thanks for the info..should have read the thread before posting.

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I got tickets for tonight's game but I think you guys would like me NOT to go.

I've seen 3 games at the Bell Centre this season:

Oct 25th - Ducks (6-4 L)

Nov 15th - Flyers (2-1 L)

Nov 22 - Bruins (3-2 L)

Coincidence? I don't know but for some reason our team just doesn't seem to pull it off when I'm there :D

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Rangers are playig gway over their heads they are not this good a team. They should have around 15 wins as opposed to the 18 their record shows.

Nevertheless they are still a good team and I would give us 51% chance of winning this game, a coin flip basically.

However the Rangers did play yesterday so they could be fatigued.

Lunqvist is apparently going today according to the Associated Press, still no confirmation yet though.

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