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D'Goal'Asounding and a PP!!!

I guess it's worked out nicely for the team; we've sortred out the hater/fake fans from the real ones. It's a good thing it happened just in time for Montreal to start kicking some *****.

One question remains though; who goes back to Hamilton, as well as who's contract do we buy out? I hate to be a jerk, but personally, I think it's going to be a d-man once Komisarek gets back. Maybe Latendresse could be a strong defenceman?

For the time being though, I'd say Sergei deserves at least a 10 game stint in Hamilton; don't just healthy scratch him. Sure, he's been a problem, yet we can't forget he's still a really young hockey player who could become a good 2nd liner eventually.

Oh my, a New Jersey post hit.

Go Habs, Go!!!

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Guest Carey_Price
I was screaming at Begin and Lapierre to get off the ice so the line change could happen. Thankfully they did and we scored! :)

Thanks, we owe you :rolleyes:

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