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It is a nondescript glass and brick building by a highway in a particularly soulless part of the suburbs, but the Montreal Canadiens love it.

Veteran Winger Georges Laraque, who joined the Canadiens this season after playing for other teams with suburban practice rinks, went even further.

"You can't even compare any other team's practice facility to this," he said. "And I would even go so far as to say you can't compare this to any main rink of any other team.

"This is the best in the league."

This place sounds amazing...anyone been there yet? Anyone have pics?


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Thanx for the link GHC, hopefully this will inspire the boys to give it 110% every night.

Too bad the old forum was still up and running, they could punish the team by making them to practice at the old forum. Play good hockey, you get to practice at the new Bell sports complexe, bad hockey and you practice in Verdun or the old forum. :lol::P

Judging by what people have said and the pictures, it looks great. Maybe the boys will work their butts off, just to relax and practice there.

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I was checking out the pictures on Habs I/O... wow... I would live there in a heartbeat. With the awesome tv, massive soccer field, the beautiful shower, amazing gym and pools... the HUGE kitchen with ALL stainless steal appliances! Not to mention you could watch every practice! *drools* :P

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Checking out the picture it looks amazing...Laraque went as far as saying its the best practise arena in the NHL and maybe the second best NHL arena to the Bell Centre!

OMG, it's so sexy!!!

I want one!!! :lol:

Kostopoulos made a good point in an interview(HABS I/O), that the new facility could be used as an additional incentive to draw free agents here.

The facility is located in the West Island, and most of the players reside there.

Hello Sundin! :)

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It's in Brossard.

I thought it was Brossard myself... Went online quickly to see if there was a brossard in the WI as well. Nope, nope, it's on the south shore.

Hmmm, nice place but they're going to have to battle crazy traffic across the bridge. Knowing this city, they'll probably make an express lane just for Habs players. Instead of a red or green X,it'll be a habs logo. :P:lol:

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