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New Captains

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On behalf of the moderating team I would like to congratulate our newly appointed captains:








As moderators of this forum, we are always looking to encourage our members to engage in intelligent, mature, and productive conversation and debate. We are always grateful for users that portray such desirable qualities, as we feel they serve as role models to the other members of the forum.

The members above have displayed such qualities and this is our way of recognizing and thanking them for their contributions.

Congratulations gentlemen!

- The Moderating team.

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Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. ;)

Kudos, folks.

Earl Grey is actually my cup of choice, but I like it warm, I don't sip tea. ;)

Thanks for the recognition and the honor.

Congratulations to my fellow captains!

Thank you all for providing an interesting and entertaining forum to discuss all thing Canadiens.

It is a pleasure to share a passion with you.

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Good good, now that I am a captain I can begin my secret plot to turn all of you into leafs fans!!! Muahahahaha!


What? They are my favorite golf team.

Seriously though, congrats to my fellow honoree's you are all well deserving and thank you moderators for giving me all the more reason to visit this forum.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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