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leo and botta say this: a commune only then represents the picture of a moral whole, only then appears universal in its behavior, like the human mind itself,when it has admitted conflict and opposition in its midst.

now some might say that democracy is about difference of opinions, but i say the law is more important and the real cornerstone, because to admit conflict and opposition in the midst of opinion is to engender problems, i.e. there must be a stop gap to opinion, which is law.

i will agree that conflict should be freely thrashed out- as is fighting allowed in the game of hockey- but that the state- refs MUST intervene and dish out the five minute penalty.

the authors continue: "far more misery has been caused by imposing peace, because in such cases, contradictory things were forcibly allied in order to create a general politic order, and by sacrificing individualities and little organisms in order to absorb them in a vast body without color and without life.

law must sacrifice to the individual and little organisms therefore and not be subservient to the general politic, that is watchfulness and the price of democracy, but the struggle is to launch humanity forward.

hope i didn't catch anyone thinking the wrong way- hockey is just a GAME.

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