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Nhl Scoring Seems Way Up This Season

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If one looks at goals for:


The median scoring is 2.75 goals per game, the top is 3.64 goals per game and the bottom is 2.38 goals per game. (FYI, Canadiens score 2.86 GPG). Last year, the peak was 3.15 goals per game, the median was 2.73 goals per game and the bottom was 2.30 goals per game. (Habs had 3.13 goals per game). I'll note the Habs offense has gone down by a ton, 0.27 goals per game, even though we acquired Alex Tanguay and Robert Lang, those two and Koivu's improvement can't compensate for all the guys who got worse (Higgins, Plekanec, Kovalev, Andrei Kostitsyn, No Streit, Latendresse even).

So maybe scoring is only up by about 1 goal every 3,4 games total, but when I look at the highlites it seems like there are a lot of high scoring games.

I'm wondering if it'll ever reach the levels where some of Gretzky's stats might be within reach (92 goals a season, 215 points in 1 season, several 200 point seasons, 50 goals in 39 games). Right now Evegni Malkin is on track for 136 points, Thomas Vanek for 64 goals (Jeff Carter for 60).

Last year there were 3 50 goal guys and 2 100 point guys. Right now Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, Gagne and Kane are all on track for 100 points, while Vanek, Carter, Kessel and Parise are on track for 50 goals.

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Starting next year and going for about maybe 3-4 years, during one of those seasons Crosby will take a shot at Gretzkys record for points in a season. I'd say he gets to around 200 maybe 205 as a roof, but 190 will likely be his career high.

I don't think scoring ever gets that high, if you look at some of these players while they are very skilled, Vaneks shooting % is too high, Carters goals have all been coming on even strength, both of their goal totals will eventually bottom out. Both of those things apply to Kessel too while Parise has taken an absurb amount of shots.

Mark my words also, Malkin will be in the top 5 in career points wise barring injuries.

Boston and San Jose won't keep this up though, while it is possible, it isn't probable.

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Some of this may be a result of the new rule where the first faceoff is in your zone on the power play.

I wonder if scoring and defense is reaching a new equilibrium as expansion has stopped, and stopped for a while. Perhaps offensive skill is growing faster than defensive skill?

There's also more penalties being given out.

A reason Paul Kariya is not top ten all time for points is because people would injure him to give their team an advantage.

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Can't help but think this has somewhat (amongst other things) to do with some bottom feeders being poorer than usual.

Most of the one-sided, big goal games have involved the likes of the Isles, Atlanta, LA, TBay getting pounded.

Unfortunately, the Habs don't seem to get up as "high" as some other good teams when facing these clubs. <_<

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