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hey everyone,

i just wanted to know if anyone would be willing to help me out.

i'm trying to plan a trip to Montreal with the sole purpose of seeing

the habs play at the centre bell.

i would be travelling from Buffalo, New York.

can anyone help me? i have no clue what i am doing- and more importantly,

(believe me, i know how hard habs tix are to get) how i can go about getting tix.

even if i can convince someone with season tickets to sacrifice a game and let me

"buy" their tickets for a game.

this has long been a hockey dream of mine- i wanna be in the centre, wearing the

blue blanc et rouge with thousands of habs fans.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

thank you, merci beaucoup!


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Buy them on line through a ticket agency, chances are you will be able to buy what you need, the cost will be more but less than what a scalper will charge you. Go to e-bay type in MTL hocket tickets and then once it has downloaded the page go look way at the bottom and you will see other sites to buy sports tickets, you dont have to be registered with e-bay to do this. I did this last season and saw a game in October against the Bruins took my son to his first Hab game, we sat in the 200 level great seats.

If you do buy them on line they deliver the tickets to your home, when I did it I received them within 2 days, good luck.

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Watch for the individual onsale sometime mid-late September - if you are not fussy try getting single tickets - for a recent game my friend and I scored 2nd and 3rd row individual seats that were only a seat or two apart. Try to stay in one of the hotels near the bell centre - if you take the train the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth - right above the train station, if not the Sheraton Centre is nice and very close , the Champlain often has the visiting teams staying therem the Hilton is also close. If you have to do scalpers wait till game day or even slightly after the game starts (if you can do that!) especially if it is a Saturday game.

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