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Happy Holidays Habs & Habs Fans


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A week off for our beloved Habs and I want to take to the opportunity to wish everyone who celebrates it a very Merry Christmas.

To the Habs, take that well deserved rest and enjoy this time with your family and friends. Come back to us next Saturday ready to tear down this league and who cares if the Pens passed Habs in the Allstar ballotting, lets beat them on the ice Saturday :D

I'm not versed in other Faiths so like my sig says Happy Holidayz gansta ;)

To the mods and all the forum members, have a great time full of joy and love.

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All the best to all of you, and have a safe holiday season. It's a pleasure sharing this forum with you all.

Very well said, I second your thoughts. Peace and happiness to all the members of this forum. Happy Holidays, have faith...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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