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Tsn Article Top 12 Habs Prospects


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thanks for the post. interesting article.

i was particularly intrigued by their take on d'ags. i don't expect him to keep scoring at this pace but his nose for the net and quick (often deceptive) release might make him a bigger point producer at the nhl level than they think...either that or our roster players have to step it up a notch or two to look better than the kid. ;)

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Not a bad article, although for us die-hards, it's pretty much a re-hash of stuff we already knew.

My only criticism was his observation that Matt Carle may need "three more years" to develop.

Three years!?! Is that in dog years because he plays on Hamilton?

Before his concussion suffered in the pre-season versus Detroit (Kopecky sucks), Carbo singled him and Pacioretty out as players who had improved and matured the most over the off-season.

I think Mr.Malloy is of by two years in his assessment of Matt Carle's learning curve.

I sure hope he is.

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Timmins was on XM the other day and he said Carle could possibly play in the NHL after one more year in Hamilton. He's got good puck moving skills. His only knock was that for a big guy, Carle needs to be more physical.

That's interesting because in his last two years in the QMJHL his aggressive physical play was a negative and he was advised to curtail it.

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