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I have no idea if I should've included this in the "Semin trashtalks Crosby" thread, but I put it here anyways. Feel free to move it/merge it wherever you see fit.

We all know Semin can score. He WAS the leading scorer before he got injured and he's not even doing that bad now. But, in a rather shocking turn of events, Semin decides to use his hands for something else: fighting. Can he score and NOW fight? Well, I'll let you guys be the judge:


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... gee did you you even look at the video?

This is worthy of its own thread

btw, did he get the misconduct for not tying down his jersey or was it for something else?

For not having his jersey tied, I believe. I didn't see anything else worthy of a misconduct. But man, this video never gets old.

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Man that's one weird rule, I can't believe you can be kicked out of a game for that.

I think it's 'cause in fights they use the jerseys to hold on to the opposing fighter, and if it comes off you can't really grab onto the guy. Not sure if there's any other reasons as to why.

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