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6 Year Old Boy In Virginia Trys To Drive To School In Family Car


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Heard this story on CBC Radio and then googled it. Thought it was hilarious that he PASSED other cars! But then in this article, the child says that he learned to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto. I am not one of those people who thinks that games like this should be banned, but the parents need to GIVE THEIR HEAD A SHAKE! I don't play GTA because i find it boring, but i play other games that are close to or surpass GTA's violence level (COD 4, 5 etc.) The key difference here, is I am not 6 years old. I guess my point might seem weird because this isn't really about the child doing something violent, but he still should not be playing that game. Charging for child endangerment was the right call.

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This kids lack of supervision is likely the reason he has had to have a greater initiative and problem solving skills. I pretty much raised myself and I learned to drive (also near Richmond, VA coincidentally) at the age of 12. I didn't drive often but I could if I needed to.

"Police say he wasn't wearing a safety belt"... ya think? how would he have been able to reach the pedals from way back in the seat?

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Maybe the mother should wake up before the kid. AND not let him play a game rated "M" for mature. Grand theft auto??! Really??

Then she wouldn't be in jail nor would she have gotten her car crashed by her six year old son who thought he knew how to drive from a game with theft influences.

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