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Two Untouchables


Two untouchables  

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  1. 1. Who are your TWO untouchables

    • Carey Price, G
    • Jaroslav Halak, G
    • Andrei Markov, D
    • Mike Komisarek, D
    • Roman Hamrlik, D
    • Josh Gorges, D
    • Saku Koivu, F
    • Alexei Kovalev, F
    • Alex Tanguay, F
    • Andrei Kostitsyn, F
    • Sergei Kostitsyn, F
    • Tomas Plekanec, F
    • Christopher Higgins, F
    • Guillaume Latendresse, F
    • Other (please name)

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Last year, around the same date, on the french side of the board I did a thread called '' deux intouchables '' in which I polled the opinion of the Habs fanbase as to who are the two players who are, or are closer to the title of untouchable players on the team.

Let's sum the quick rules :

1) Only two players even though it can be difficult.

2) The players must have been regulars on the team (thus no Pacioretty, Stewart, Maxwell, no prospect, etc.)

3) This poll is 100% subjective, you set your own criterias for players to be named your untouchables.

Mine are Price and Komisarek this year.

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Saku Koivu and Andrei Markov with Carey Price having an honorable mention.

My reasoning? Koivu is the life blood of this franchise, he rallies the team and pushes them to play despite a lackluster effort at times, he has mentored the junior players on our roster, proving his leadership capabilities. Markov is our elite defenseman and haled as one of the best defensemen in the National Hockey League. He has been a key to our success in recent years and while this year the powerplay is nonexistent, for two seasons Markov made the aforementioned powerplay absolutely deadly.

Everyone beyond those to is expandable, including Price although the reason I cited him for an honorable mention because while I would trade Price, I would demand an all star in return.

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Saku Koivu and Carey Price. It's very difficult to say Koivu in the sense that he likely only has a few years left in the league, but he is a true captain -- something I don't think we could replace if we were to part ways. If not Koivu, I'd say Markov, however for the immediate future (now, and for a couple years), it's Saku and Carey pour moi.

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I picked Carey Price and Mike Komisarek, which in my mind was an easy choice.

Having a young, star goalie that will last a good 15 years with loads of potential is sometimes something that organizations only dream about having. However, fortunately for us we have this exact luxury with the likes of Carey Price.

Choosing Mike Komisarek was a bit tougher. It was either between him and Andrei Markov. I decided not to take a young forward because good scorers come and go in an organization, while young gritty defencemen are hard to come by. The reason I picked Komisarek was simply due to the fact that he is still young and I have always enjoyed his style of play. Blocking shots, making key hits and being a forceful presence. He is also definately a leader on our blueline. If he ever gets the chance to score a bit more, this guy will be regarded as a top defenceman in the league.

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sorry if its not clear...my first language is french...not english

Price and Komisarek....but if I just have one its Price whit not a doubt.....

He will be one of the best goalie in 2-3 years...

Your idea has come clear enough.

Besides you are at a good place to improve your english, I did migrate to the english side of the board myself a couple years back and I've seen a great improvement.

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Carey Price has the potential to be Brodeur / Roy / Dryden type of goalie. Therefore I put Carey Price as untouchable. Unlike Edmonton that traded away Gretzky I actually think that most teams have untradeable players and ironically Roy should have been in that class but that was before we had a top GM.

Saku Koivu is the other untradeable player. Drafted by Montreal. Our captain. Still one of our best players. Leader. I hope Koivu plays 3 to 5 more seasons in the NHL all with Montreal and as the captain. And a couple of Cups would be very nice.

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You didn't say same talent level, you said replacement and Halak a decent one.

How do you know about McD? Have you seen like 40 games of him?

All I'm saying is we could lose any of the forwards and we will still be OK likely because there is so much forward depth. On the flip side to lose Price a number one or Markov who is an all-star and norris trophy candidate would hurt a lot. You can't win without good goaltending and you generally need a guy on defense who can bring the offense consistently.

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