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Hockey Views Up In Usa And Canada

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At the midway point of the season, NHL television audiences in Canada and the United States are showing major increases.

TSN’s average viewership is up 17 per cent from last year to 481,000 a game. The increase for Montreal Canadiens’ telecasts on French-language RDS is 22 per cent, to 783,000. Versus in the United States is averaging 308,695, a rise of 18 per cent. And the CBC, despite losing three Toronto Maple Leafs telecasts in its new NHL deal, is drawing prime-time audiences that are up 4 per cent from last year, to 1.206 million a game.

Those are some huge increases. Any theories as to why?

I should say, my own off-the-top-of-my-head theory is that it relates to the success of the Winter Classic last year. That seemed to be a turning point for a lot more positive NHL coverage from non-hockey-focused sports media, instead of the knee-jerk “hockey sucks” analysis many of those outlets seemed to depend on before that. It also appeared to bring in a lot of viewers who didn’t typically watch hockey.

- Globe and Mail


There have also been notes of local US statiosn such as FSN drawing much more viewership, as well as ESPN's Sportscenter now allowing daily time slots for hockey highlights and anywhere from weekly to semi-weekly in-depth analysis.

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it might be my biased opinion but i think the habs centennial has something to do with it. increased habs games on tsn also helps.

increased viewership on rds is easily explainable by the high expectations of the habs this year. we have a good team and people are excited about it. (and i can say that without being dismissed because people i know who usually don't follow the habs are doing so this year because of the hype and expectations). :D

the winter classic is an interesting theory but tbh it's one of the few events of the year i don't bother watching.

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I would also say the Habs viewership is up on RDS, just simply because ti is probably in more households west of Quebec than it ever has been before. A lot of people west of Quebec are probably just realising (or just getting the chance) that there televison carrier has RDS.

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