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Things I know:

We have the Habs.

We have the Allouettes

We used to have the expos.

We have the Roger's cup in Tennis

We have the Impact and they might be getting upgraded over to the MLS, either that or Saputo/Gilette are trying to get an MLS team.

We have a minor league basketball team called the Matrix, I think, NBA franchise? Right.

As if we'll get an MLB baseball team in the next 50 years!

Unlikely to get an NFL team in spite of the fact football (college and CFL) are doing good here, since NFL teams are super valuable.

We've lost the F1 grand prix

Please feel free to contribute to the knowledge pool.

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montreal is not a sports city.

we lost F1 we lost the expos.

attendance at the impact is shoddy, Yes it's sold out everygame but to who? schools and soccer teams who dont even show up to the games.

the als only generate interest when they win, otherwise no one in this city cares

The only thing that works is the habs.

I have still tried to find the logic behind it but i can't.

No one cares unless it has the CH and even at that, unless they're winning you won't hear a peep

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