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Champions Hockey League Games Final (europe Clubs)


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Finals game 2 on Live on http://www.championshockeyleague.com


The Finals is between Metallurg Magnitogorsk (Champions - Russian team) and the ZSC Lions Zurich (Swiss Champions Team). After the first round in Magnitogorsk (2-2), the last game is tonight in Zurich and live on Internet.

Everybody's expecting a close game tonight as the ZSC Lions host Metallurg Magnitogorsk in the Champions Hockey League second final. And if the fans' voting here on the championshockeyleague.com is any indication, you can start preparing yourself to a penalty shootout.

In the last two weeks, over 6 000 votes have been cast, and yet, the teams are almost as close as they can be.

ZSC Lions: 51.1%

Metallurg Magnitogorsk: 48.9%

Not many would have thought the Lions would be the fans' favorite against the reigning European champion and a team that pushed the New York Rangers to the last minute in the Victoria Cup in October.

The Lions have earned the love. Now they have to return it, and a win would be a good place to start.

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it is so sad that we cannot play in our homeground, the hallenstadion (where ali had a fight in the early 70ties); but hey, zürich lead after the first! you know, nhl scouts usually go to sweden, russia, finnland, tschechia or slovakia. but switzerland has a great hockey culture too. the club with the biggest crowd in the stadium in hole europe: sc bern. the oldest and biggest multinational tournament in hockey is in davos, always a great party from christmas till new year; in the swiss alps. yes davos, the small town known by the WEF, which is know.

ZSC olé!

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"Europe’s best-kept secret

CHL scoring leader Wichser happy to stay in the background"


"This story is best begun with an apology. Sorry. Sorry, Adrian, and sorry all Adrian’s fans. You’re right, he deserves much more space in the media.

After all, the guy is the Champions Hockey League leading scorer."

and btw: have a look at the scorer stats before this last game: http://www.championshockeyleague.com/index...Hash=c32cda4a69

1. 97 F Wichser Adrian ZSC Lions Zurich 7 1 11 12 4 +4

2. 19 F Trudel Jean-Guy ZSC Lions Zurich 7 3 8 11 2 -1

3. 15 F Marek Jan Metallurg Magnitogorsk 7 3 7 10 12 +8

4. 13 F Sejna Peter ZSC Lions Zurich 7 4 5 9 0 +8

5. 43 F Alston Jan ZSC Lions Zurich 7 4 4 8 8 +4

5. 9 F Pittis Domenico ZSC Lions Zurich 7 1 7 8 6 -2

7. 51 F Gardner Ryan ZSC Lions Zurich 7 6 1 7 4 +4

8. 21 F Bednar Jaroslav HC Slavia Prague 4 4 2 6 0 +1

8. 10 F Cervenka Roman HC Slavia Prague 4 3 3 6 2 0

8. 23 F Persson Niklas Linköpings HC 4 1 5 6 6 +5

8. 27 F Tereshenko Alexei Salavat Yulayev Ufa 5 1 5 6 2 0

12. 96 F Dube Christian SC Bern 4 5 0 5 6 +5

12. 7 F Monnet Thibaut ZSC Lions Zurich

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Short video summary of the game : http://nettitv.mtv3.fi/nettitv_uutiset/ind.../?155819#155819

great athomsphere... i mean better than in a lot of Arena in Canada and USA.

The real "Miracle on Ice"

ZSC Lions Coach: "Believe in yourself and make history!"

By Karl Huber

RAPPERSWIL - For most hockey fans, the "Miracle on Ice" from 1980 at Lake Placid is one of the most amazing in the sport's history.

This was when the US team beat the previously invincable Soviet Union team 4:3 to win Olympic gold.

Since 28th January 2009, Europe now has it's own "Miracle on Ice." ZSC Lions Zurich's win in the Champions Hockey League has already cemented its place in hockey history.

First of all, it was the first title win for a Swiss team at European level, and secondly it is the first time since Austria's VEU Feldkirch triumphed in 1998 that a non-Russian team has conquered Europe.

In 1980, United States' Herb Brooks was the architect of the victory, while in 2009 the Lions' Sean Simpson can take the plaudits for the success.

"When you believe in yourself you make destiny, you can make miracles happen and this was something of a miracle," said the coach shortly after his team's historic 5-0 win over Metallurg Magnitogorsk, "at the beginning of the season, no one would have thought that a team from Switzerland would win the first CHL title."

The Swiss were constantly up against it throughout the tournament, always seen as the outsiders regardless of their opposition, whether it was Linköpings HC, Slavia Prague, Espoo Blues or finally Metallurg.

"We went on the road to all these different countries and tied or beat all of them," reflected Simpson, who can also proudly boast that the Lions were the only unbeaten team in regulation time in the CHL.

Their only loss (4-5) came against Slavia Prague after a penalty shootout.

The 48 year old Canadian has found the right blend of youth and experience and took the Swiss right to the top.

"We have a good mix. It is our goal to build a successful team, and also bring in young players," were Simpson's own thoughts.

It was a successful strategy, which in the end was enough to break the stranglehold of the more fancied teams. It seems that everyone underestimated the Swiss, and all were punished for their complacency.

As Simpson said, "it was a message to Europe. Swiss hockey is coming up, we have a very good league."

The popularity of the newly introduced CHL format with the fans also pleased the coach.

"Not only did we win, we sold the idea of the Champions Hockey League here in Switzerland and whichever clubs from Switzerland play next year, I hope they get the same kind of support from the whole country, the way we did."

The fact that the team had to play in the smaller Rapperswil-Jona arena rather than their own larger Hallenstadion made little difference to the euphoria in the Swiss financial capital is certainly to be appaluded. Despite this, Simpson was still slightly disappointed they couldn't play and celebrate in more usual surroundings.

"I am sorry more fans could not have been with us tonight instead of at home or in the hospitality tent in Zurich. I want to thank the fans that were here and those that weren't as well," he said appreciatively.

The team can now focus all their attention on the remaining games in the Swiss Nationalliga A, as should they win the championship, they will have the chance to defend their CHL crown.

They'll be hoping that this season's miracle isn't a once in a lifetime achievement.

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