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Habs @ Panthers | January 29th, 2009 | 7:00 Pm | Game #48


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hopefully they play hard...and carey gets back to the regular pads instead of them ugly red ones lol

Maybe he will realize that the reds aren't working,,,,,,,,,,,

this team has talent, (lots of it),,,,,,,,,,,,they just aren't giving the effort

I do like the effort the Laps line has been doing tho,,,,,,,,and if the other lines aren't cutting it on the PP,,,,,,,,then why not the Laps line,,,,,,,,,can't hurt

The Lang/kosti bros haven't been doing much lately,,,,,,I hope (for their sakes) they pick it up

If this/our team doesn't pick it up SOON, then there will be changes made


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Lines as per RDS,

A.Kostitsyn - Lang - Kovalev

Higgins - Koivu - D'Agostini

S.Kostitsyn - Plekanec - Begin

Latendresse - Lapierre - Kostopoulos.

Pacioretty scratched, I don't get it? What has he done wrong, giving it 110% every shift?

:angry::angry: Carbo <_<


expecting a big game from Price, and if he doesn't deliver it is time to go back to Halak (yes I said it :lol: )

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