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Los Angeles @ Our Boys| Sat Jan 31 2pm


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Whenever and for whatever reason I find myself too happy, I always know what to do and where to go to get a dose of downer :rolleyes::P Can you tell us what in your opinion is the issue(s) and specially what your solution(s) would be to win today?

i dont need to tell you what the solution is to winning today, im sure or i hope that you are aware of the bad habits the team has

Yeah we can go from having 2 or 3 goals per game to having 0-1 goals per game.

Notice you don't have Koivu in there either, but I see your big poster of him below your sig. I don't think hes played any better then Lang, Kovy, or Markov the last two games. I don't think any of them have played that badly though.

saku hasnt been good at all except for winning draws, he blew the open net on thursday...

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A lot of people seem to think the Habs are going to continue to play poorly or are worried. I think we should only be worried when they play on the road. At home, it seems like they're a different team. I hope I'm right and they fix this "road" problem.

15-8 at the bell so far this year,

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Here's what will happen: Carbo's new lines will do nothing for 2 periods, we'll be down by two goals, and then he'll scramble everything in the third period, at which point we'll give up the insurance goal, probably while short-handed.

yup sounds about right

also add not being able to complete a pass, not being able to clear the puck out of our zone...

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Georges St. Pierre knows how to handle himself in the cage but the mixed martial arts star says fighting in hockey is a whole different matter.

Ah, too bad. Be interesting to see St. Pierre in a fight on ice for the Habs, doing a slew foot take down (they appear to be "OK" to do based on that one that occurred a few weeks a go -- mashed the guys head. :rolleyes: ).


Nice story, for a Hab fan with terminal cancer -- he's at both games this weekend. (You just watch Koivu go today!!)



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