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As A Habs Fan And An Anime Geek...


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...I have found a way to combine my interests!

Okay, so I'm one of those geeky people who goes to conventions and dresses up in costumes of their favourite anime character. (The pic in my profile is actually from one such costume, but you can't really tell.) This year I wanted a costume that was both original and easy to make, so I've decided to design a cosplay with a cute short kimono design modeled after a Habs jersey.

It'll be a kimono-style shirt (red) with a white and blue obi (that's the belt) with a CH logo on the front. In back, I'll either lace it up corset-style with hockey laces or make a white bow (which is more traditional as far as kimonos go). For the bottom I'll have a blue skirt. I'm going to paint a parasol red with the white-and-blue stripes around the middle. I think it will go over extremely well at the convention here in Montreal, but I'm not so sure about Toronto... I'm hoping to get girls from other cities to go as the other teams, and we can have a photo shoot and a street hockey game together.

So, what do you think? Is anybody else on this forum a closet anime geek? I promise I'll post pics once the costume is made.

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Please post pics. Im guessing you have an 95% in history, 90% in math and science but is failing gym. :lol: kidding

Actually, I go to McGill and have a 3.60 GPA (out of a possible 4), go to the gym three times a week, and only ever failed gym once (in CEGEP). :lol:

And I suck at math.

As yet, no one has expressed interest in dressing as any of the other teams. Hopefully I can get at least one other girl on board.

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Urg anime... I used to be into it when I was younger, but the interest quickly faded away towards the end of high school.

BTW isn't the whole point of an anime convention to go there disguised as a character?

Not necessarily. A lot of people design original costumes, or costumes based off of Japanese fashions. If your idea is different or cool, or even if it just looks good, people will like it. I have dressed as characters for the past three years, so I decided to do an original one this time around. I was going to be a lolita, but I don't have experience with that kind of sewing.

I'm not into a lot of the more annoying series that are on T.V. I'm a big Miyazaki fan, and I like the more grown-up stuff for the most part; I don't have the patience for shows like Naruto, Inu-Yasha, or Dragonball Z. I'd rather watch a single-season series like Evangelion or Witch Hunter Robin.

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