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February 1st 2009 It's Superbowl Day!


But before, another classical game. A big rivalry.

Boston_Bruins_Logo_jpg.jpg@ montreal-canadiens-2005--logo-puck.jpg

The Bruins: 1st in the East, 36-8-6, 78 points, GF 175, GA 112, On the Road 17-5-3, Last 10 7-1-2.

The Habs: 4th in the East, 28-15-6, 62 points, GA 140, GF 153, At Home 16-4-4, Last 10 5-5-0.

Projected goaltenders, both were at the All Star Game.

Tim Thomas and Carey Price


Thomas is 21-5-5, SV% 0.932, GAA 2,15. Price 17-7-5, SV% 0.913, GAA 2,55.

Bruins Leaders:

Goals : Kessel (24)
Assists : Savard (41)
Points : Savard (60)
+/- : Wideman (69)

Habs Leaders:

Goals: Lang and A. Kostitsyn (17)
Assists : Markov (32)
Points: Markov (39)
+/- : Markov (11)

Possible Habs Lines:

Markov - Komisarek
Bouillon - Gorges
Hamrlik - Brisebois

Latendresse - Plekanec - A. Kostitsyn
Higgins - Lapierre - Kostopoulos
Begin - Lang - Kovalev
Pacioretty - D'Agostini - Koivu

Enjoy your Superbowl Day! GO HABS GO!
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I just read on habs inside out that the habs haved called up Alex henry. i wonder if he will play this afternoon. I assume that georges will not be in the line up.

Go habs

Scouting report on Henry

Brings a lot of physical presence to the lineup. Hits early and often. Will not back down from anyone. Can line up both on defense and at left wing.

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I think this jersey looks pretty cool. It will be interesting to see it on the guys this afternoon. I hope Henry is defensively responsible, he will obviously bring more grit to the lineup anyway with BGL still out. I have a feeling we will see him drop the gloves today.

Bring a 60 minute effort, keep the game simple and win or lose I am happy.


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I forgot this was a jersey game. I've been looking forward to this one, but also dreading it.

The worst part is, the Bruins are going to laugh it up at our jerseys. :angry:

The best part is, the Bruins are going to get dizzy from watching our players. :D

We should have brought up someone with figure skating training. A couple of those high speed spin maneuvers and we could skate right into the zone uncontested.

Maybe the players will have fun with it and tell the Bruins things like "You are getting sleepy". :P

Seriously though, hope to see the retro gear on Price for sure. Really want Henry in the lineup this game too.

Still waiting for the lines. I'm hoping Carbonneau puts like with like and lets it stay, then hopefully the boys will show up and play, play, play!

Probably a good precautionary measure to have Henry in to deal with Lucic instead of risking Komisarek again. I'm assuming Lucic is in the lineup this time?

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The worst part is, the Bruins are going to laugh it up at our jerseys. :angry:

The best part is, the Bruins are going to get dizzy from watching our players. :D

:lol: :lol:

I hope Komisarek is still as fired up as yesterday, well a little less to make sure he doesnt get himself out of position, but it was good to see him going for some big hits again


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Probably a good precautionary measure to have Henry in to deal with Lucic instead of risking Komisarek again. I'm assuming Lucic is in the lineup this time?

According to habsinsideout he would take the place of Gorges

you know who should feel bad if that happens? O'BYRNE! :blink:

talk about a slap in the face

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Winning against the Kings to break our losing streak was nice, but playing that way against the Bruins wont be enough. It will be hard for us to win this one, but not impossible. We need to put in a maximum effort, full 60 min hockey.


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I dont want to make any predictions on todays game against Boston, because that is just foolish. Of course the odds are against us by the type of play lately. But then the odds are in favor in some ways too. We have a group of players that simply need to come together. The line manipulation is starting to worry me. Yes I Know the Coach is seeking some kind of answer by changing it up, but some of the Russian style players need a little more uniformity than that. Not all, but most Russians lean on having a constant line-mate to feed and deliver too. This year the team has what they need to get the job done. However, one really big difference this year from last, is: Last season during the mid to latter half of the season, the Habs would play with heart and drive. Not all the time mind you...i can remember more games last year that they came out flying, and maybe stuck it through the first period, and enter a second period flat. Usually costing them goals, possibly even ending up playing catch up in the mid third. Now that happens a lot this year too i would say. The primary difference is that last season they had the confidence, drive and ability to comeback. Even better, they gave the fans the confidence to believe that they would (not just could) come back, and that to me is a legacy team cup or no cup. If they can regain just a portion of that this year (Today is a good day to do that) we will be 100 percent better than we are now. I know we won on Saturday and that is a very good example of what i mean by the taste of confidence for the fans too. Everyone thought this year would be different. We know that, and listening to the fan mood swings this year during games says it all. Hardly any singing, and lots of quiet buzzing. That tension i am sure is what the players feel too. But think about the greatness that this team still has. It is generally the same team as last year who gave us the meaning of confidence and legacy by working against some of the worst odds and ref-ing when they came back against New York. Remember that one? Yes. A great one for sure. Even better; was the strong link between the fans and team. This is where we need to get back to. One game at a time, and i think the fans need to step down to a one game at a time pace as well. The fans worked as hard last season as the team and its time we as fans do it again this year.

well thats my two bits. Of course here is what they need to do to win today. It is simple: (lol)

1: The big guy needs to give Lucic some hard times this game. Really work him and grind him..The entire game. Maybe not a first 5 minutes deal. more like a mid-game title fight. We keep burning our precious "fight-to-jump-start-the-game" resouces waaay to early this season. This one needs to stick and be at an appropriate time. Also, he needs to get behind the net, and work the puck like he used to do in Pits. Hold behind the net, and move the puck in front of the net.

2: Give Brisbrois some time off. I see to many mistakes. I know he is great and a veteran, but im tired of watching him make simple small mistakes, Many many missed shots from the point, some pretty bad missed passes at the point and well thats about all but they seem to go unnoticed but they will cost the team at some point.

3: Higgins, has to skate hard and get in front of the net. The Bruins will use force and get away with multiple cross checks in front of their net. Higgins is important for this job. Period.

4: Too many "un-forced errors" as they call it in Futbal. Yes, Montreal has got to link those passes, and not hand the puck over. Boston will lock them down on thee blue lines, so ...

5: Use your speed! We still are the fastest team out there. Lets see it again!

Good luck


(forgive the sp mistakes)

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