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What is with this guy? He is a disgrace to all play by play announcers in all sports. Never before have I heard such a bias in a commentators voice. He is a disgrace to the game. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=lbFkAnrEvLg Listen to what he says about the jerseys today. Everything the booins do is miraculous and anything a Canadien does is nothing.

Its a Boston feed its going to be biased towards Boston.

I watched the whole feed from NESN and frankly I agree with them about the jerseys, they're eye-bleedingly ugly and theres a reason why they were discontinued after one year. I found it funny how the B's guys were calling goon on Henry after what they did last year, but nevertheless its perfectly normal for there to be biasy on a local feed.

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He does sound like a dimwit but most local feeds are biased anyways. Anyone ever listens to Rick Moffat on CJAD? blech

LOL yeah, the guy is a bit of a tool but whatever obviously Bruins fans like him and that's all that matters for NESN. Personally other team's announcers don't bother me, it's basically part of their job to be bias (although Edwards may take that to another level).

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