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Senators Fire Hartsburg


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Totally expected as the players never bought into his system.

speaking of talk the talk, Murray must really do well somehow, in his meetings with Melnyk. I mean, how in the world is he still GM through all this?

I expect he will be fired too; most likely at the end of the season.

3 coaches now, yeah it's the coaching Murry

No D and no Goalies and only 3 players that can score

you think he would learn by now. Let go of the past cause it's not the same team anymore

That's it in a nutshell really.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to fire him before the trade deadline?

How often have we seen that happen?

I think he is being given more rope to improve the team or hang himself. I do not see much improvement so I expect the second option with the rope will likely occur. :lol:

Murray's trades and poor signings have placed Ottawa in the same predicament as Toronto; the team needs to do a major rebuild from goal out, so it's best they finish poorly to get some draft picks. Murray will at least accomplish that; though having lived in Ottawa for 8 eight years some 6 years ago I know the fans will not be happy.

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Murray should have been the one fired. The sens are missing a puck moving D and secondary scoring. murray has also hand cuffed the club with long term NTC contracts. I don't want to see quinn behind the bench. i want Quinn upstairs...

Yea,not mentioning missing Emery :lol::lol: Kiddinggggggggg

Goal is also a deperate need to fill.

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