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GOOOOO HABBBBBS GOOOOOOO On a side note,Lmao, Bill Waters is over there on the laffs game (intermission) saying that the laughs should go after JBo. Nick Kypreous, the loser of the player that he was, is analyzing it like crazy. What a joke. Where do they get two nitwits like that for a professional team? Surely to God, in ALL of Canada, the network could of had someone, anyone other than these two.

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I've just watched Crosby. Looks like he's getting fat ( at list his face).

That's what living with the boss will do to you.

It's like living with mom and dad.

The guy can afford the rent that would get me 4 more rooms than I need, all of them nicer and cleaner than the 1 that I've got, but he's still at home. He's either cheap or pampered.

It must be hard to follow that guy for a team leader.

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