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hey guys... i'm in some serious troubles and hope that maybe one of you can help me in some kind of way. as you can see on the left, i live in zurich, switzerland. this means that the nhl is not broadcasted on tv where i live. that's why i purchased an nhl season pass on espn360, espn's online hockey-tv for europe. now, their stream is broken (since yesterday) and they can't tell when it will be fixed (i'm not expecting that to happen very soon, because it has been broken before and they could tell how long it will take them at max back then and it was up shortly after it went down). so i have no clue how i can watch the habs tonight and as you all should easily be able to understand: i really want to see our habs beat the ***** ouf of the penguins tonight. (knowing that posting some possible solutions for my misery might be against the forum rules, feel free to send me a pm if you have something for me... @mods: i hope that doesn't break the forum rules, i sure didn't have an intentions to do so, i'm just trying all i can to find a way to watch the game tonight)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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