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Gauthier Suspended 5 Games For Elbow On Gorges


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Whether it was enough or not is debatable but this is a small step in the right direction, this normally would have been ignored or maybe a 1 game toke suspension.

Now, if they can do it to superstars (Pronger) and in the playoffs I'll take the NHL a little more seriously.

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2 reasons why gauthier got less games:

1) he isnt as recent a repeat offender, as Wayne pointed out. Downie may not have been a repeat offender himself, but Gauthier has played 530 games - downie has played like 60.

2) Downey's hit he actually ran and jumped before contact - Gauthier made contact (very very dirty and gutless - not a sideswipe mark messier elbow, but a head on in your face elbow) and then his feet left the ice. Its a slight difference in word but makes a huge difference in how his weight is applied to the hit.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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