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Does Anyone Remember A Scandal With A Hockey Player Getting Caught With A Girl Who Was A Minor?


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My dad occasionally comes up with these stories, but he rarely remembers things correctly. He seems to think that a fairly young guy, probably European, who was a member of the Hamilton Bulldogs got caught in a controversial relationship with an underage girl a few years ago. Does anyone remember anything like this happening? I've tried googling various word combinations, but haven't come up with anything. It could have been a player from another team or something. He was saying it was Grabovski or one of the Kostitsyns, but I was like "Dad, a few years ago the Kostitsyns WERE minors..." :lol:

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I didn't really think so... like I said, my dad's got a bad memory. :rolleyes: Wonder what he's getting it confused with, then?

There was a sacandal a few years back involing s MLB prospect form PEI who was charged with assault of a minor. I wonder if thats the one your dad is thinking about.

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