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Goligoski Returned To Wbs

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Not sure why, he's already played enough games and is affordable so that it doesn't make sense as a contract move.

He's played very well this season and leads all Penguins defensemen in goals, assists and +/-.

44 Games played 6 Goals 14 Assists for 20 Points and is a +5. He has 4 of the defense's 7 PP goals and only has 16 PIMS in that time.

I know the Penguins have been running 8 defensemen, without Gonchar, but wouldn't it make more sense for them to move somebody else? They could be worried about someone being claimed from waivers, but you would think they would at least try to keep him with the club with the season he's been having.

I have no idea what Shero is thinking on this one.

EDIT : He IS 13 games from losing his waiver exemption based on his age and number of games played. Still doesn't sound like a good reason to move your top performing defenseman.

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