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Toronto @ Montreal - Sat, Feb 7th - 7pm


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It's Time Canadiens fans!!!
Presenting tonight a Hockey Night in Canada Made in Canada with the Toronto Maple Leafs VERSUS the Montreal Canadiens

Both teams feel they must WIN tonight! Both teams obtained only 2 W in their last 8 games and the Habs want to score a few points before leaving the Bell Center for 2 weeks


Lines: TBA
Do not miss the Sergei Kostitsyn / Mikhail Grabovski saga


Enjoy the game!!!

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big game tonight! We need a full 60 minute effort(don't know how many times I've had to say this) and we need to play physical and use our speed. Looking forward to sergei destroying grabs(hopefully he doesn't hide behind the official) and I really hope laraque takes care of both mayers and may. Both guys took liberty's last game that need to be dealt with and if laraque does nothing I will no longer defend him. May fought boullion last time so laraque definently needs to go after him. most importantly though we need the 2 points desperately. 8th place isn't too far away and buffalo and florida are catching up. GO HABS GO!

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Nice thread HIB. Thanks for stepping up. :)

Hope this is actually a hockey game tonight. Bound to be some Grabovski drama, but I'd like it out of the way early.

If we aren't going to get it done against the mediocre teams, we really have to get it done against the poor ones. Big win to build some confidence before a big road trip.

Go Habs Go!

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Pretty thread :)

If there is tobe a sequel to the Belarus saga, let it be early in the game. If the coaches have any sense of humour they'll make both of them start the game one against the other. And if the refs have any sense, they'll let them go at it to let that bubble burst. After that, all hockey please and hopefully Toskala will be the sieve that his GM says he is and that he wont goal on his head just top make a point.

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Please, please, please,....just win to-night.....( was reduced to telling a Leaf buddy of mine that we were trying to join them in the Tavares Sweepstakes )

Get the Belarussin foolishness out of the way early...*cues up music*...It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN.........

I'm gonna guess Habs win 13-12 in a shoot-out..... as both teams employ the same system to get the puck out of their own end.

( Wait for the referee to dig it out of the net and skate to center ice )

Seriously though, missed the 3rd last night, (had to work) but wound up with a massive migrane, after catching up on the GDT, and assorted other threads,

last night and to-day, I think we all (and the team) need a laffer of a game to ease some of the tension. Nothing ever seems to come easy for the Habs.

Philly's overtime winning goal this afternoon VS Boston, being a case in point. A harmless wrister dumped in from the point, hits Ferrence in the shin pad and bounces in.

LETS GO HABS...............( Oh Yeah...... Kovy scores 7, Plecks bags 6,...7+6=13....Dog House? What Dog House? )

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I agree nothing ever comes easy for this team...they need a win, and 6-0 would be a good start. Unfortunately, I see the laffs outworking them, Kovy and Koivu taking stupid penalties, and a final score like 4-1 Leafs...

After what I've seen the last 10 games, it's pretty hard seeing this squad making the post season.


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