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Need To Help Price

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We need to do something to get our guys playing better and help Price get his confidence back. I think a veteran back is needed, not because Halak can't do the job but because when Carey gets in a place like the one he is in now, how do you turn to the guy who has played less and is only 2 years older for help? I think we need to keep Halak, but for the rest of this season you need a mentor for Price and he will turn it around. We dont want to wreck this kid like the Rangers did with Blackburn. I mean if you watched his interview last night he was almost in tears, this team is putting all of the losses on his shoulders and he is going to crumble. We need to prevent that and a veteran backup is prob the best way to do it. A second thing is when can we look at these guys and see the chemistry just isnt there anymore, we are that 1 d-man and 1 center with some room presence and skill away from being a team that can push for a cup. We also need to find out ***** is wrong with Kovy, and if it cant be found or fixed maybe its time to move on with out him. That is pretty much all I have to say and will wait to hear the rest of your opinions...

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