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Hey all, just thought I would start a thread for the 360 so that forum members could hook up online and chillout. As I have stated to other members, myself and several other Habs fans hook up on the 360 to watch the games together, it makes for some good laughs. My name if you are interested to add me as a friend is Goodtown on the 360.

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All I ever play is COD 5 currently, anyone else play?

If so what level are you/what guns do you use

I play Gears 2. Most of the time I'm playing with other adults and we have a "league night" with a draft and teams.

Haven't been able to play for almost 6 weeks now though. I play NHL 09 on occasion. I only play against my brother and if I play it alone, I just simulate dynasties.

I loved the be a pro mode, but they penalize you for simulating too many games and I'm just not that interested in playing all of the games to see how my player's career progresses. I got frustrated with that and eventually quit playing that mode. I just don't have time to play 40 games out of every season to prevent being accused of "mailing it in". :angry:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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