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#24 - Mathieu Schneider 2008-2009


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i wonder if we can coax desjardins out of retirement.....

i wanted this at the beginning of the year...when he was on waivers....

apprently hes been horrible this year. i dont know about this. i do know we desperately need some help on the PP but was this the best thing we could do?

Well, we wanted Gainey to make a move...Here you go...It's not bad, it's actually smart I think...Now let's get some help up front...

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I'm glad Bob is finally starting to react... but seriously?? Trading for a player who is 39, likely retiring after this season for a 2nd AND 3rd round pick? Bob must really think we're going all the way........

The only bright side is that he added somebody for the PP.

How many defensemen do we have now? 9? Carbo is going to have lots of fun....

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intersting move. schnieder can actually be a good, experienced defenseman, rock solid. I think he can still play like he did in detroit, a solid second liner. But he may do nothing, wasting 2 picks.

Thougn I do not like this move; Welcome aboard Schneider and please stay healthy.

By the way the "e" comes before the "i" in his name.

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BG trades for a small over-the-hill 39 year old, injury prone, left-hand-shot defenseman that has managed only 4 goals and 11 assists in 44 games ???

In exchange, the Thrashers receive a second round draft pick in 2009 and a third round selection in 2010. In addition to Schneider, Montreal receives a conditional pick at this year's draft.

5.625 (pro-rated of course for the remainder of the season)... Money well spent???

I hope this is part of another trade that sees Schneider being flipped for something better in the very near future... like later today.

Well if they still want to cut cap space the Leafs could take Schneider off our hands for the rest of this year and trade us Kubina at 5.000 (signed through 2010) or Kaberle 4.250 (signed through 2011) I guess. Burke had Schneider in Anaheim so he knows him well... of Course I'm sure Burke would insist on something more going his way in the trade.

Posted this in the Gainey thread too. I hope Schneider is not what BG thinks can turn things around for the team.

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