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Yahoo Sports Two-part Interview With Pavel Datsyuk


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once again, nice pics embedded in the pages, so no cut-and-paste...

interesting to me:

"Other than your teammates, is there a player in the NHL that you'd love to have as a linemate?

Think, my head, think! [Datsyuk is talking to himself] I would still like to have Zetterberg on the same line... But if you insist that it has to be someone else, my line would include Joe Thornton and Viktor Kozlov."

and funniest line:

"What are you driving these days? What do you wish you could drive? What's the fastest you've ever driven?

Don't touch my dream with your dirty hands. " :lol::lol::lol:

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As much as I love these interviews, Datsyuk seemed the most serious out of all of them.
that's what I thought too... they said his humour is drier and might not translate well, but I think it might be because he's simply older than the other interview subjects...

hmmm, it didn't take, let's see if this double posts...

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